Can Enemas for Weight Loss Be Effective?

The topic related to some weight loss procedures is always interesting to discuss. It is because of the fact that there are many people experience a serious overweight problem. Studies suggest us to have good body weight for the sake of our health. When we have overweight or obesity problem, we are closer to some serious health problems like breast cancer and heart attack.

Thus, we have to find the most effective way to get some pounds out of our body. Cardio exercise, diet plans and programs, supplement drinks, and plastic surgery, are the common procedures to gain weight loss. Is there any other alternative? Some natural health practitioners introduce the benefit of enemas for weight loss.

enemas for weight loss

Actually enema is a not a new concept. It had been used for cleaning colon for centuries. It is a kind of hydrotherapy. Warm water is commonly used in this procedure. Other things that can be used are coffee, wheat-grass, and herbal tea. Enema is different to colonic because professional is needed to do the procedure.

On the contrary, there is special equipment that can be used in flushing the colon, which enables the process to be self-administered. The process of applying the enemas is closely related to detoxification, which lead to weight loss. In fact, waste material can stay and accumulate in the colon. Then, it starts to putrefy so that the amount of toxin in our body is getting increased and increased.

Toxins, especially in large amount in our body obstruct the processes that should be conducted by our body. This influences the weight of our body and gives potency for causing obesity or overweight. By the detoxification or cleaning the colon, we can get some weight loss though it is not especially aimed at gaining weight loss.

Enemas are beneficial for removing some health problems like fatigue, indigestion, backache, flatulence, unpleasant breath, sinus congestion, headache, constipation, loss of concentration, and many more. Enemas can be in two forms.

First, enema is used for cleansing the colon in short time processing. The water or any other ingredient used in the process and the fecal material will be eliminated naturally by the peristaltic movement. Some examples of cleansing enemas are catnip tea, lemon juice, burdock root, and apple cider vinegar in water. Second, enema is used for retention. It takes longer time than the previous method.

Some examples of this enema are minerals, coffee, probiotic, and red raspberry leaf. It is to make it obvious that enema is beneficial for cleaning our colon and for keeping us healthy. The use of enema method especially for getting some pounds loss has not ever been done. It means that there is no evidence to prove the effectiveness of enema for losing weight.