Extreme Weight Loss Workout Plan

Having healthy body with a proper amount of muscle must be everyone’s wish. Muscle is not only for men but women also need muscle to gain strength in doing all activities, especially if they have tight routines.

Hence, extreme weight loss workout plan is considered as one of the best way to do. Women have been known for doing extreme diet to gain ideal weight. However, losing weight drastically in short period by cutting daily meal is unhealthy. It’s just like put your body in danger.

Thats why, you need to balance it with workout plan. Thus, your body losing weight but gain more strength. If you just lose weight and getting weak, so what’s the point? Maybe you’ll be just like a s living skeleton.

extreme weight loss workout plan

Why does it call extreme weight loss?

Today, you can barely count how many program on TV showing women trained by trainer to lose weight. It may take six to twelve months. Working out for almost a year may sound insane for you. Lots of women give up on that method.

Hence, some women decide to do short workout plan period resulting in extreme weight loss. When they have reach they goal, they just need to maintain their body by doing regular and light exercise as part of their healthy life style. It sounds more logical, so here are the workout plans you can follow in six weeks for extreme weight loss:

  • Warming up

Warming up should be done everyday before having heavy exercise. You can warm your body up by walking one mile followed by one lap running around your neighborhood. You can do it started at 6.00 a.m. However, the earlier the better for you to get fresh air.

  • Kettlebells

You can rest for minutes after warming up then followed by kettlebells workout. It says that you can burn as much 816 calories for one hour kettlebells training. It sounds amazing, isn’t it?

Hence, you must include this workout to your regular exercie to burn calories that much. It’s possible to lose one to two pounds per week if you do this consistently.

Besides, this kind of workout will also boost your energy so you gain more strength. You can say that kettelbells training will improve your overall body inside and out.

  • Outdoor exercise

You may also add up outdoor exercise to your extreme weight loss workout plan. Cycling, swimming, running, or jogging. You can do vary exercise everyday so you won’t get bored in exercising.

Don’t forget to use sunblock when you have outdoor activities so your skin stay safe. Do the exercise at least one hour per day. You will feel your body lighter and more energetic. Besides, you will also gain confidence after having physical activities outdoor.

  • Cardio workout

Cardio workout works to burn more calories. You may do jump-rope with moderate to vigorous intensity. Or, you can go from jog to sprint back and forth at least for one hour a day. You can do this intense workout for at least twice a week. However, if you do it more often then you can burn more calories fast.

You can do the workout plan above for six to eight weeks. This workout is expected to make you lose one to two pound each week because losing weight in that amount is still considered healthy. If you do it more than that, then it will just harm your body.

While having extreme weight loss workout plan, you have to maintain your regular diet. To make it easier, you can count how much calories you need each day. It will help to make your weight loss program succeed.

Weight Problem For Women

To have a wonderful and perfect body is a dream for all women in all around the world and that dream will become a nightmare when they have problem with body weight or obesity. This is the reason why there are lots of fast weight loss tips for women who want to reach their dream and become a perfect woman with a wonderful body shape.

Every woman will never be satisfied with their body and they always feel that they are overweight and they got to do something to overcome this problem. Sometimes they will go to the gym or do some exercises like jogging or swimming, while some of them choose to go to the health and beauty clinic to lose weight in an instant waywithout too much effort, but of course, they need to spend more money on this.

But before you start to do something about your weight problem, it is good for you to go to the doctor and check on your condition because not all fast weight loss tips for women are good and appropriate for your health.

fast weight loss tips for women

When people, especially women, cannot control their weight, then there are 2 possibilityy answers for this. The first one is that they inherited their body weight problem from their family so whether they control their meal menu or not, it will be easier for them to have body weight problem. And the last one is that they need to move their body more often or do some exercises.

So if you are a woman who inherit this problem from your family, it means that you need to find the best fast weight loss tips for women and do more exercises than normal people do. Forbid carbohydrate from entering the body considered as the best tips for some people.

But it is not easy because you have to deal with your hunger. Soon after you prepare the meal schedule, you can start to do some exercises like jogging, swimming or go to gym but remember to consult with your doctor because going on a diet and doing heavy exercises can cause problems to your body.

Having weight problem is a big mess, especially for high school and college student because their social life needs a perfect appearance and one of the most important aspects for your appearance is the body shape. But it is also a little bit easier for college students to deal with the problem because they got lot of things to do and they burn more calories every day.

Find an ideal weight loss plans for college students, synchronize it with your schedule and you are ready to face your day. Now after you find the best and fast weight loss tips for women and you already chose the most appropriate exercise for your body, now it is time for you to choose a good supplement to support your program.

Can Enemas for Weight Loss Be Effective?

The topic related to some weight loss procedures is always interesting to discuss. It is because of the fact that there are many people experience a serious overweight problem. Studies suggest us to have good body weight for the sake of our health. When we have overweight or obesity problem, we are closer to some serious health problems like breast cancer and heart attack.

Thus, we have to find the most effective way to get some pounds out of our body. Cardio exercise, diet plans and programs, supplement drinks, and plastic surgery, are the common procedures to gain weight loss. Is there any other alternative? Some natural health practitioners introduce the benefit of enemas for weight loss.

enemas for weight loss

Actually enema is a not a new concept. It had been used for cleaning colon for centuries. It is a kind of hydrotherapy. Warm water is commonly used in this procedure. Other things that can be used are coffee, wheat-grass, and herbal tea. Enema is different to colonic because professional is needed to do the procedure.

On the contrary, there is special equipment that can be used in flushing the colon, which enables the process to be self-administered. The process of applying the enemas is closely related to detoxification, which lead to weight loss. In fact, waste material can stay and accumulate in the colon. Then, it starts to putrefy so that the amount of toxin in our body is getting increased and increased.

Toxins, especially in large amount in our body obstruct the processes that should be conducted by our body. This influences the weight of our body and gives potency for causing obesity or overweight. By the detoxification or cleaning the colon, we can get some weight loss though it is not especially aimed at gaining weight loss.

Enemas are beneficial for removing some health problems like fatigue, indigestion, backache, flatulence, unpleasant breath, sinus congestion, headache, constipation, loss of concentration, and many more. Enemas can be in two forms.

First, enema is used for cleansing the colon in short time processing. The water or any other ingredient used in the process and the fecal material will be eliminated naturally by the peristaltic movement. Some examples of cleansing enemas are catnip tea, lemon juice, burdock root, and apple cider vinegar in water. Second, enema is used for retention. It takes longer time than the previous method.

Some examples of this enema are minerals, coffee, probiotic, and red raspberry leaf. It is to make it obvious that enema is beneficial for cleaning our colon and for keeping us healthy. The use of enema method especially for getting some pounds loss has not ever been done. It means that there is no evidence to prove the effectiveness of enema for losing weight.

How College Students Should Lose Their Weight

Weight loss plans for college students are indeed much needed. Nowadays, weight problems are not just a problem for adults, but also for teenagers. Somehow, they, especially girls, envy when seeing their friends’ body is perfectly shaped and slim.

However, some of them are too busy to go on a diet because of their dense schedules. On one hand they have to study and finish their tasks or home papers, while on the other side they spend time to joke and share stories with friends. That’s possible if a student comes with a story that she really does not have time to do activity called diet.

So, now we’ve come with an article that informs you, as a college student, about weight loss plans. We hope that it will work!

weight loss plans for college students

  • Control your mind

Being around girls with slim body or boys with perfect biceps at colleges, indirectly will lead you to compare yourself with them. Please don’t do that. It’s your body and you yourself who know exactly what’s your goal. Do not let anyone interrupt your mind. Just live your healthy life by finding proper exercises and diet plans that suit you well.

  • Do exercises in the morning

It’s a big, big problem to those who like to wake up late in the morning. Yeah, sure, because you definitely do not have enough time to do some exercise. Therefore, waking up in the early morning is highly suggested. Say no to “invitation” that told you to go back to bed. If you want to live healthy as well as lose weight, then wear your sneakers and walk around your campus for ten to fifteen minutes.

You do not need to walk quickly or sprint as if you are an athlete. All you have to do is to walk normally; perhaps while talking or doing a conversation with a friend of yours will be better for at least you will not feel tired quickly.

  • Say no to the late night snack

When hands are outstretched to grab a slice of pizza at 11 pm, then you must remember that consuming your late night snack is not good at all. You have to focus on your goal which is to have a good and healthy body. Maybe you’ve heard it, but we want to emphasize once more that you should empty your stomach three hours before going to bed. For example, if you usually go to bed at 9 pm, then you should have finished eating no more than 6 pm. The temptation to eat night snacks also occurs when you are studying. Therefore, it would be better for you to prepare snacks like almonds, peanut butter, bananas, and carrot sticks.

  • Instead of reducing food portions, just eat three times a day

There is a wrong understanding among teenagers that reducing food portions helps them to lose weight quickly, whereas such action only makes us quickly hungry. That’s why eating three times a day is a must since it will keep you from getting hungry quickly or snacking unhealthy snacks and foods. Make sure you have time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Side Effect and Effectiveness of Material Content in Weight Loss Pills

Have you ever tried to take a pill to lose weight fast? Be careful in choosing a pill to lose weight because you are at risk of weight gain will back if you stop taking the weight loss pill. Some weight loss pills have materials that are harmful to your body and your health. Before you buy and consume slimming pills, it helps if you notice a few things below.

Orlistat is Material Content In a Weight Loss Pill

Weight loss pills that work fast will work well if you get a prescription from a doctor because there are some slimming pills have different materials and effects. Before you buy and consume weight loss pills, you should see the names of the material contained in the packaging.

weight loss pills that work fastThe materials are included in the category effective for weight loss is materials that generally contain a wide range of slimming products.

These materials are very effective for weight loss and have no side effects or risk to your health. When you buy slimming pills, look at its pack, whether the pill contains Orlistat or not. The content of this material can reduce the fat content that can be absorbed by the body.

However, the side effects are weight gain will go up if you do not have a healthy lifestyle, stomach cramps, and make the body difficult to absorb Vitamin A and Vitamin D. You do not have to worry; these side effects are temporary and the pill can be used in the long term. For taking this pill, it is i recommended that you use after a low-fat diet.

Phentermine In a Weight Loss Pill

The next material content in a weight pill is Phentermine. It works to reduce appetite and have side effects such as vomiting, tremors, difficulty breathing, high blood pressure, drowsiness and makes you not able to do some other activity. It causes that this weight loss pills that work fast will make you addicted to it. However, these slimming pills will have no side effects to the use of a short duration.  

Therefore, it is recommended to get a prescription to get the pill. Pregnant and nursing mothers, those who have high blood pressure, heart attacks, and some other dangerous diseases, should not consume these pills. In addition to two material contents above, many other material content of the weight loss pills that work fast.

The two materials are a combination of Phentermine and Topiramate. Both of these materials can reduce appetite but make your hands tingling, headache, and makes the heart beat faster.

Read here about Psyllium Husk for Diet

Ineffective Material Content

The following material is also often contained in slimming products but has no effectiveness in weight loss. Green tea extract can reduce appetite and burn calories but its side effects are vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. For those of you who have heart disease, diarrhea, and high blood pressure should not consume it.

However, it supposedly said, by consuming green tea can reduce fat levels in the blood but the content of the material has not been proven to lose weight in the long term.

Best Cardio for Weight Loss Tips

Best cardio for weight loss can help you much in losing your weight and improving your health. There are many kinds of cardio that you can do. But, not all of them are good to be done. You have to choose the one that is suitable with your condition.

The certain kind of cardio maybe works best for some people and the same kind of them don’t work for the other people. Before doing the certain style of cardio, you have to know your condition of your body and your health first. You shouldn’t do the cardio that is not suit with your condition. You shouldn’t force yourself to do that kind of cardio in order to get the weight that you want than you forget the condition of your health.

Maybe you can lose your weight quickly by doing that but you will have the problem with your health. So, it is must to know first about your condition. You can consult first to your doctor or your trainer.

best cardio for weight loss

These are some of the best cardio that maybe suit for you:

Low impact cardio blast

This is the cardio workout for the exercisers who have been in the intermediate level. This is not allowed for the beginners. This workout is hard on the heart but painless on the joints. This kind of cardio will make you do the series of moves and between the moves; there is only little times for taking rest.

Some of the section of the moves that you need to do for this workout is warm up, side lunge, knee lift, and front kick, smash of diagonal knee, punch side lunge, lift and knee side knee and etc. The warm up should be done more than 2 minutes with the light moves of the cardio that can make your heart rate goes.

Tabata cardio workout

This workout is for the advances because it needs the high interval moves, this will help you a lot in burning calories. Some of the workouts for this cardio are burpees, mountain climbers, long jumps, squat jumps and etc. Burpees and the mountain climbers are the beginning of the workout that you should. What you need to do is squatting and placing your hands on the floor.

After that you need to do jumping feet back and stand up. Those moves need to be repeated for 20 seconds and then you can take a break for about 10 seconds before doing the next moves.

Those kinds of cardio workouts are only some that you can consider to do. You can browse for the more information about it. You just need to select one of them and then do it regularly to get the best result.

Once again I tell you that you have to know well about your condition first before you are doing the certain cardio. It is better if you ask first to your doctor. However, the best for certain people is different for the other people so that you have to find out what your own best cardio for weight loss.

Psyllium Husk Weight Loss

Psyllium Husk weight loss can be your best recommendation. If you think you want to try different method to lose your weight in the safe way, psyllium husk may can give you’re the best guarantee for your weight problems. Many people consider this plant has a very effective result to remove weight in the best way, even people think Psyllium Husk as one of the best quick weight loss for women.

What do you think? Do you have interest to try benefits of Psyllium Husk weight loss?

But first, we should know about Psyllium husk before we agree to consume this kind of plant!

psyllium husk weight loss

Lose Your Weight With Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk is a good plant that mostly grows in India, known for healthy benefits such as reduce cancer and heart disease, hunger, stomachache and improve your food nutrition. But more than that, Psyllium Husk plant known for its best benefit to reduce cholesterol and as a perfect food for diet program.

You can plan to start using Psyllium Husk in your daily meal plan everyday, because this plant can help effectively to lose your weight in the best way. Some researchers even tell the idea of consuming 25 grams of Psyllium Husk per day because this plant contains fiber that perfectly recommended for women. With fiber, you can lose your weight and maintain your health in the most natural way.

Don’t worry because Psyllium Husk is low-calories, so it’s safe and good for your body, especially if you want to avoid sugar and calories when you do your diet program.

So how to use Psyllium Husk for your best weight loss result? You can mix Psyllium Husk with water or maybe with your daily meals. Psyllium Husk usually comes in two forms : tablets and powders. If you think you are easier to take tablets instead of powders, then do it. But with powders, you can mix it up into water and drinks like tea or milk without sugar.

Start with ½ or 2 teaspoons per day and consume this Psyllium Husk for your best diet recommendation! To improve your health and protect your body, balance it with some sport activities or workouts. Workouts like swim workouts for weight loss can support your diet program and help you to get fast weight loss in the right way.

Not only that,  besides consuming Psyllium Husk that full with fibers, enrich your food consumption with healthy ingredients without fat, sugar and cholesterol. Vegetables and fruits should become your new best friends when you start your diet program with Psyllium Husk.

But always remember to know your limits and don’t consume anything too-much. Don’t do workouts too much. Don’t consume Psyllium Husk in too-much doses, also don’t do extreme diets without safe guidance and preparations. It’s important point you should know before you want to lose your weight in the best and healthy way.