Extreme Weight Loss Workout Plan

Having healthy body with a proper amount of muscle must be everyone’s wish. Muscle is not only for men but women also need muscle to gain strength in doing all activities, especially if they have tight routines.

Hence, extreme weight loss workout plan is considered as one of the best way to do. Women have been known for doing extreme diet to gain ideal weight. However, losing weight drastically in short period by cutting daily meal is unhealthy. It’s just like put your body in danger.

Thats why, you need to balance it with workout plan. Thus, your body losing weight but gain more strength. If you just lose weight and getting weak, so what’s the point? Maybe you’ll be just like a s living skeleton.

extreme weight loss workout plan

Why does it call extreme weight loss?

Today, you can barely count how many program on TV showing women trained by trainer to lose weight. It may take six to twelve months. Working out for almost a year may sound insane for you. Lots of women give up on that method.

Hence, some women decide to do short workout plan period resulting in extreme weight loss. When they have reach they goal, they just need to maintain their body by doing regular and light exercise as part of their healthy life style. It sounds more logical, so here are the workout plans you can follow in six weeks for extreme weight loss:

  • Warming up

Warming up should be done everyday before having heavy exercise. You can warm your body up by walking one mile followed by one lap running around your neighborhood. You can do it started at 6.00 a.m. However, the earlier the better for you to get fresh air.

  • Kettlebells

You can rest for minutes after warming up then followed by kettlebells workout. It says that you can burn as much 816 calories for one hour kettlebells training. It sounds amazing, isn’t it?

Hence, you must include this workout to your regular exercie to burn calories that much. It’s possible to lose one to two pounds per week if you do this consistently.

Besides, this kind of workout will also boost your energy so you gain more strength. You can say that kettelbells training will improve your overall body inside and out.

  • Outdoor exercise

You may also add up outdoor exercise to your extreme weight loss workout plan. Cycling, swimming, running, or jogging. You can do vary exercise everyday so you won’t get bored in exercising.

Don’t forget to use sunblock when you have outdoor activities so your skin stay safe. Do the exercise at least one hour per day. You will feel your body lighter and more energetic. Besides, you will also gain confidence after having physical activities outdoor.

  • Cardio workout

Cardio workout works to burn more calories. You may do jump-rope with moderate to vigorous intensity. Or, you can go from jog to sprint back and forth at least for one hour a day. You can do this intense workout for at least twice a week. However, if you do it more often then you can burn more calories fast.

You can do the workout plan above for six to eight weeks. This workout is expected to make you lose one to two pound each week because losing weight in that amount is still considered healthy. If you do it more than that, then it will just harm your body.

While having extreme weight loss workout plan, you have to maintain your regular diet. To make it easier, you can count how much calories you need each day. It will help to make your weight loss program succeed.

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