Drastic Weight Loss Tips

Before telling you about drastic weight loss tips, you need to know the meaning of ‘drastic’ here. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, you are not allowed to lose more than two pounds per week.

If you consider drastic weight loss as unlimited pounds to lose per week it’s all wrong. You’re still considered healthy to lose weight one to two pounds only per week. Hence, the tips that will be shared to you are to lose drastic weight for about that amount.

drastic weight loss tips

Here are tips for you to lose weight drastically in quite short period:

  • Watch your diet

It is important to maintain your daily intake. You can count your daily need of calories with calories calculator that has been available on the internet. Diet is one the most influencing factor to make your weight loss program succeed.

Watch your calorie source and don’t take it excessively. One of wrong calories sources is sugar. You need to cut sugar intake for your diet. You have to take as little sugar as possible so you won;t get excessive calories.

Then, you have to avoid fatty foods. You have to start loving alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables. However, you need foods high in protein such as chicken breast or salmon so you still have energy. For carbs, you can take moderate carbs on your training days and low carbs on non-training days. There for you don’t get unnecessary carbs when you’re not on your training days.

  • Workout plan

Workout needs to be included on your weight loss program. While cutting calories intake, your body still needs to be healthy. Workout will help your body to gain strength and build your body into more proportional posture.

Therefore, you can say that diet and workout is like balance method to do on weight loss program. You may choose to workout daily, twice a week, or weekly. However, the more often you workout, the faster you burn your fat.

Before having heavy exercise, you need to warming up to avoid cramps in your muscle. You can start the day by jogging around neighborhood. Then, you can do special workout such as cardio workout or kettlebells training to burn fat faster.

Besides, you can add up outdoor activities for combination such as running, mountain climbing, cycling, or swimming. Those activities benefits to your health. Your physical look will look better and your cardiovascular system will improve.

  • Have plenty of rest

Even though you are obsessed with drastic weight loss tips and in urgent to do it faster, it doesn’t mean you have to exercise all the time. Your body needs to have proper rest.

You can meditate once or twice a week to let your body relax after having heavy exercise and diet program. It will help your mind to stay fresh and avoid stress because of tight diet. Besides, you need to avoid sleep at late night. Sleep for six to eight hours is recommended for well metabolism.

  • Stay close to mineral water bottle

Don’t let your body dehydrated no matter what. Body and water cannot be separated because almost 70% component of body is liquid. Hence, you need to hydrate your body for well metabolism at least with 8 glass of water a day.

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Therefore, you need to remember that drastic weight loss tips above is expected to losing only one to two pounds per week as what has been recommendation from Center for Disease Control and Prevention. After achieving the goal of your weight, you can stop extreme workout then replace it with moderate and light exercise regularly.

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