Best Cardio for Weight Loss Tips

Best cardio for weight loss can help you much in losing your weight and improving your health. There are many kinds of cardio that you can do. But, not all of them are good to be done. You have to choose the one that is suitable with your condition.

The certain kind of cardio maybe works best for some people and the same kind of them don’t work for the other people. Before doing the certain style of cardio, you have to know your condition of your body and your health first. You shouldn’t do the cardio that is not suit with your condition. You shouldn’t force yourself to do that kind of cardio in order to get the weight that you want than you forget the condition of your health.

Maybe you can lose your weight quickly by doing that but you will have the problem with your health. So, it is must to know first about your condition. You can consult first to your doctor or your trainer.

best cardio for weight loss

These are some of the best cardio that maybe suit for you:

Low impact cardio blast

This is the cardio workout for the exercisers who have been in the intermediate level. This is not allowed for the beginners. This workout is hard on the heart but painless on the joints. This kind of cardio will make you do the series of moves and between the moves; there is only little times for taking rest.

Some of the section of the moves that you need to do for this workout is warm up, side lunge, knee lift, and front kick, smash of diagonal knee, punch side lunge, lift and knee side knee and etc. The warm up should be done more than 2 minutes with the light moves of the cardio that can make your heart rate goes.

Tabata cardio workout

This workout is for the advances because it needs the high interval moves, this will help you a lot in burning calories. Some of the workouts for this cardio are burpees, mountain climbers, long jumps, squat jumps and etc. Burpees and the mountain climbers are the beginning of the workout that you should. What you need to do is squatting and placing your hands on the floor.

After that you need to do jumping feet back and stand up. Those moves need to be repeated for 20 seconds and then you can take a break for about 10 seconds before doing the next moves.

Those kinds of cardio workouts are only some that you can consider to do. You can browse for the more information about it. You just need to select one of them and then do it regularly to get the best result.

Once again I tell you that you have to know well about your condition first before you are doing the certain cardio. It is better if you ask first to your doctor. However, the best for certain people is different for the other people so that you have to find out what your own best cardio for weight loss.

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