Are Bananas Good For Weight Loss?

According to medical experts, fruits are beneficial for weight loss because they contain much nutrients needed by body to stay healthy. Fruits usually contain vitamins, fiber and minerals which good for weight loss.

However, some fruits are high in calories and carb like bananas. So, are bananas good for weight loss?

To answer the question which always rise among those who are obsessed with weight loss (like you), you need to know nutrients contained by banana. So let’s take a look:

are bananas good for weight loss

  • Potassium

Banana contains potassium which benefits to regulate blood flow. Banana contains 467mg of potassium that it will help your body to stay away from hypertension.

  • Vitamin C

Banana contains 8.7mg of vitamin C per 100 gr. You must have known that vitamin C is important for body to fight against free radical. It is also needed for body to stay fresh and energized.

  • Mineral

Banana is found to be rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphor, zinc, fluoride, and many more. Mineral is important for body to maintain immune system and help organs to function well.

  • Calorie

This must be the one that make you curious. 100gr of banana contains 90-93calories. It is considered as moderate calories so you can’t say it’s bad for weight loss.

Hence, you can say that banana contains moderate calories so it’s still good for weight loss. It’s still beneficial for weight loss if you take it in proper amount in your diet. Banana is good both for weight loss or gain.

After knowing almost all nutrients containing in banana, then it’s time to know more the function of banana for weight loss program.

  • The best source for workout fuel

Workout and diet is just like a pair of shoes that you can’t separate if you want to get optimum result. Banana is ideal fuel for before and after workout. While doing your workout plan, you need energy as it gets depleted.

Banana is rich in calories you need to replenish energy. Banana will also help to avoid muscle cramps during and after workout. Besides, you will lose potassium and electrolyte during tough exercise making you dizzy.

Hence, banana will help to avoid that case because it contains plenty of electrolyte and potassium needed by your body.

  • The best fruit to resist digestion process

Banana contains fiber which is good to improve digestion process so it will just answer to the question are bananas good for weight loss because the answer is a yes. Besides, it is also rich in resistant starch which is good to make you feel less hungry.

Therefore, you can diminish your appetite. It will reduce your obsession of eating excessively. Banana will be processed slowly in your digestive system and it will provide good bacteria to improve fat oxidation. You can eat banana alone or combine it with food rich in protein to build your body.

  • Banana as low-energy dense food

Low energy dense food is needed if you want to lose weight. Banana is categorized as low energy dense food so it won’t make you feel hungry easily. Banana promotes fiber and calorie-free water which is good for weight loss. For your information, 75% water is contained in a banana so your body will stay hydrated.

Furthermore, the myth about banana is the worst weight loss failure isn’t true. In fact, banana is able to support your diet to lose weight faster. It may contain high carbs but carb contained in banana is resistant starch which other fruits don’t have. With all the explanation above, are bananas good for weight loss? You can decide yourself.

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